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We have built a team that supports one another across the entire scope of our company. We have the ability to pull resources from our entire team to deliver your project on time and on budget. 

We have built a tech team that works day-to-day with set-up and support. Our team is empowered by using technology to improve technical operations which allows for reduced hard and soft costs. 


Project Management

Mixed-Use Site Development

  • Total Project Cost: $3.4MM

Aggregate Quarry

  • Total Project Costs: $10MM​

Pipeline Inspection

  • Total Project Cost: $25MM​

Marcellus and Utica Oil, Gas and Minerals Lease and Fee Acquisitions

  • Aggregated Project Cost: $100MM​

Walking Under Gas Pipes

We built our business to deliver

  • Relationships with leading participants in industries across the landscape. 

  • Expertise across all areas of project management. 

  • Resources to assist your project deliver on-time and on-budget, including consulting, project management, sub-contractor management and marketing. 

Walking Under Gas Pipes
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