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We have built a team that supports one another across the entire scope of our company. We have the ability to pull resources from our entire team to deliver your project on-time and on-budget. 

We have built a tech team that works day-to-day with set-up and support. Our team is empowered using technology to improve technical operations which allows for reduced hard & soft costs. 

Wind Turbines

Project Management

Mixed-Use Site Development
  • Total Project Cost: $3.4MM​
Aggregate Quarry
  • Total Project Costs: $10MM​
Pipeline Inspection
  • Total Project Cost: $25MM​
Marcellus & Utica Oil, Gas & Minerals Lease & Fee Acquisitions
  • Aggregated Project Cost: $100MM
Walking Under Gas Pipes

We built our business to deliver

  • Relationships with leading participants in industries across the landscape. 
  • Expertise across all areas of project management. 
  • Resources to assist your project deliver on-time & on-budget, including consulting, project management, sub-contractor management & marketing. 
Walking Under Gas Pipes
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