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Vice President

John Perry has built and lead partner solutions business for development, construction, building materials, and acquisitions & divestitures for oil and gas companies. He has created and implemented new and organic B2B strategies and strategic partnerships targeting multi-million-dollar companies to develop long-term relationships, source contractors for short and long- term projects, win competitive bids, secure new contracts for companies and ensure state and regulatory compliance. Implements go-to-market and pricing strategies, negotiates contracts and manages client relationships. John has grown and managed client accounts by providing and crafting solutions that drive value.

Generated > $20M in new business since 2016 via lease management, construction, land development and labor staffing projects.

Establish strategic partnerships with industry leading companies to create multiple revenue streams. Nurtured relationship – and partnering with – Dan Ryan Builders as exclusive developer to build 85 lots for residential construction. Already secured $1.55M in venture capital and institutional financing for land and development.

Enter new markets and verticals. Increased pipeline 3x for construction companies, generated $250K in sales in the first quarter of opening for Hog Aggregates, and closed nearly $2M in mineral lease and fee acquisitions over 3 years.

Serves as a Member of the American Association of Professional Landmen, the West Virginia Contractors Association in West Virginia and the Marion County Chamber of Commerce. Established separate group for Marion County to create targeted digital marketing and business development strategies for North Central West Virginia.

Connect with John!

(304) 282-1828

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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