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Vice President IT | Creative

Bobby is a highly creative, hard-working, goal-orientated, designer with over 12 years of professional design experience. He’s versatile and skilled at multiple mediums - print design, web design, video creation, video editing, photography, etc. He works well within a group or individually. He’s knowledgable about multiple design software and highly efficient. Bobby’s also capable of creating quality work on short notice. His strong work ethic, professionalism, ability to prioritize, and consistently meet project deadlines and marketing standards makes him an asset to any company.

Serves as lead designer for all WVU Online at West Virginia University, including Summer Term, Winter Intersession, and Online Student Resources.

Manages WVU Online, Summer Term, Winter Intersession, and Online Student Resources websites through content creation, using HTML/CSS to code webpages and create interactive tools.

Applies innovative layout and design expertise to enhance the digital presence via its website, publications and data visualizations.

Designs numerous HTML emails for marketing and recruiting purposes as well as for in-house announcements and updates. Records and edits multiple marketing videos for WVU Online and Summer Term.

Leads or assists in numerous photoshoots of current students, faculty, professors and graduates that were used for marketing and recruiting purposes.

Designs and created multiple animated online classroom interactions for online courses. Constructs graphics that are used in online learning courses.

Facilitates workshops teaching the basics of Photoshop to faculty.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(304) 685-8591

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