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Energy Infrastructure


As energy infrastructure partners, our role spans from initial project conception to completion, serving public and commercial entities alike. From contract negotiations for GSA Contracted projects to handling CapEx management, we work closely with clients to ensure the success of every project.

Our approach as Energy Infrastructure Partners emphasizes clear and effective communication, fostering strong relationships, and aligning project goals.

We have experience planning and managing infrastructure projects throughout the mid-Atlantic (Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Washington) and the Northeast (Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts).

Collaborating with Energy Infrastructure Partners

Creating meaningful and equally beneficial partnerships and collaborations is the core of our business model. At BCE Solutions LLC (BCE), we partner with organizations in various capacities, from overseeing entire projects to managing a specific role or sector such as:

  • Project Management

  • Engineering Services

  • Risk Management

  • Environmental and Regulatory Compliance

  • Contract Management

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC)

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

  • CapEx Management

Project Management:

  • Project Management

  • Engineering Services

  • Risk Management

  • Environmental and Regulatory Compliance

  • Contract Management

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC)

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

  • CapEx Management

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Energy Infrastructure and Construction



Whether your project involves private investors or government contracts, BCE provides a strategic solution to enhance your workforce capabilities effectively.














Energy Infrastructure at Sunset

Strategic Energy Management and Risk Management:

We deploy risk management experts to ensure the success and stability of our energy infrastructure partners' projects. Our services involve identifying potential risks early on and developing strategies to mitigate them to prevent costly delays and disruptions.

Additionally, we help maintain regulatory compliance and safeguards against environmental and safety issues.


Our goal in managing risk is to:

  • fosters project resilience

  • minimizes losses

  • increase the likelihood of achieving project goals efficiently

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We do more than fill your company’s roles. We are your strategic energy infrastructure partners.

Environmental and Regulatory Compliance in Renewable Energy:

When working with our clients, we aim to ensure environmental and regulatory compliance in energy infrastructure projects by providing sustainable and legally sound counsel.

We also assist with the permitting process to enable smoother project initiation and progression.

As trusted energy infrastructure parterners, we prioritize environmental and regulatory compliance ensuring responsible project execution, legal integrity, and long-term viability.

Meet our in-house lawyer and President, Ngosong Fonkem. He brings extensive expertise in compliance and energy consulting. A great alley for any project!

Energy Infrastructure Partners & Consultants
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Contract Management for Energy Infrastructure

We offer dedicated contract managers who handle both commercial and GSA contracts on behalf of our clients, delivering substantial advantages to ensure optimal outcomes.

Our Contract Managers will

  • ensure compliance to minimize risks

  • navigate complex energy regulations

  • optimize project performance metrics

  • identify cost-saving opportunities

  • streamline contract modifications

  • ensure roles, responsibilities, and expectations are clearly defined

  • effectively communicate and provide strategic advice

  • negotiate terms favorable to our clientele

Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC)

As your construction project advances through the planning, design, and development phases, the expertise of your staff becomes pivotal for its success. Yet, staffing shortages may emerge due to staff transitions or the need for additional construction support.

We understand how to navigate these changes. At BCE, we offer reliable staffing to support your projects with uninterrupted progress and timely completion.

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Staff Augmentation

We provide staff augmentation services tailored for energy infrastructure projects, offering substantial advantages through the seamless integration of skilled professionals into your team.


By augmenting your workforce we:

  • enhance project flexibility

  • accelerate timelines

  • ensure comprehensive coverage of critical tasks and roles


This approach not only boosts project efficiency and quality but also mitigates risks by leveraging experienced professionals who are adept at navigating the complexities of energy projects.

CapEx Management

CapEx management in energy infrastructure projects is crucial for ensuring financial efficiency and project success.
Effective CapEx management involves careful planning and allocation of capital expenditures, which helps keep projects within budget and prevents cost overruns.

BCE's CapEX Managers precisely track expenditures, ensuring funds are used effectively and transparently. By prioritizing and optimizing capital investments to build a sustainable energy future, our CapEx managers will work efficiently to maximize return on investment and support long-term financial stability.

Ready to enhance your project's efficiency and compliance? Reach out to BCE Solutions LLC for expert guidance.

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